Like Layout ‘lectrics

If you like high quality electrics, look away now.

If you can tolerate a bit of bodging, read on.

I have given all of the electrics a bit of a tidy up using small black clips and pieces of electrical tape.

Additionally, I’ve added the wires for the point switches to the layout. These are the yellow wires. I’ve tried to keep them neat and tidy by running them down one side of the layout.

I want to build a detachable point control panel that I can easily connect/disconnect from the layout and I needed a connector for this. On the NGRM forum ‘Dave’ recommended these ‘Plug and Socket Terminal Strip’.

I liked the idea. They are simple, easy to wire and quick to connect / disconnect. I will use these to connect the control panel and I’ve added one half of the connector to the underside of the layout.

Now I just need to build the point control panel !


    • Hi Stephanie, The 10 way connector with the yellow wires running to it will connect to the control panel with the switches for the point motors. I wanted this control panel to be detachable, so that it will be easier to move the layout. The control panel is a ‘work in progress’ and should appear here soon….


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