Repainting a Secondhand 09 Wagon

As part of my spending spree on secondhand 09 models I brought these two wagons. I like both of the wagons but I don’t really like the grey livery. I decided to experiment with repainting one of them.

I chose the flat wagon, gave it a coat of Humbrol 160 German Camoulfage Brown, and then dry brushed it with a wide range of browns and black. When I dry brush models, I dip the brush into the paint, wipe the brush on paper until it leaves virtually no trace of paint and then run the brush over the model.

I thought the headstocks looked rather plain.

I added some Grandt line rivets to each end. It’s easy to do. You drill a hole and push the ‘shank’ of the rivet into the hole.

When I used these rivets for the first time I tried to put the glue on the shank before pushing it into the hole, or I added the glue into the hole using a small pin. Neither of these approaches worked very well. The glue tends to spead out of the hole when you push the rivet in and the glue spreads onto the model. It is much easier to apply the glue on the inside of the model and let it be drawn down the shank from the inside. Obviously, this isn’t always possible but in this case it worked well.

Here’s the completed model with the rivets painted and a coat of varnish.

I prefer this to the original grey colour, but I’m not ‘wowed’ by the model. It still looks rather plain. Perhaps, adding an interesting load will help.

I am going to wait for some more inspiration before touching the open wagon.





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