Meet Sprite

Sprite - Quarry HunsletI’ve always thought of sprites as spirited, slightly mischievous, creatures.

Sprite earned her name because she was a mischievous loco to build. I managed to break the body in several places while I was making this model. Plus, in a session of late night modelling, I added handrails to the sides of the cab – something that Quarry Hunslets never had. Oops. (Let’s imagine they were retrofitted!).

Sprite’s a J L Design body, fitted to a Minitrains Stainz chassis, with Narrow Planet name plates. The red livery is Citadel Mephison Red, mixed with a little Ulthuan Grey to give the red an ‘aged’ look. She’s a nice little runner.

I almost gave up while building her. I’m pleased I didn’t.



  1. Hi Steve, what a cracking little loco! I’m using Minitrains Stainz too but the RTR models. This tempts me to have a go at making my own. What DCC chip are you using? Andy
    PS. I wrote this comment earlier but it disappeared. Sorry if it pops up twice.


    • Hi Andy,
      I got your second comment and I’m pleased you like the loco. The RTR models are great and the 3D printed bodies allow you to create locos that look a little different if you want to. Modellers always want more locos 🙂
      My 009 locos are all DC. If you want to DCC the Minitrains there’s a good description here:
      For my O9 locos I use Digitrax DZ126 decoders. Quite small, run on both DC and DCC (so you can use them on other peoples layouts) and they might fit into an 009 loco
      All the best


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