The Kerr Stuart Catches Up

3D Printed Kerr Stuart 009

I think I’m getting somewhere with the Kerr Stuart. The body has had a couple of coats of primer, a couple of coats of Humbrol ‘Dirty Black’ and the buffer beams have been painted red. I repositioned the steps so that they are aligned with the cab door. The body is starting to get a nice industrial feel.

The original chassis was red and looked very European.  I removed the connecting rods, coupling rods and valve gear and repainted the chassis matt black. Some of the electrics were visible under the sides of the tanks. I painted these black and they are much less obvious now. Finally, I carefully removed the red stripes from the connecting rods and coupling rods. As a result the loco has a much more English look which I’m pleased with.

It still needs a bit of work. The cylinders and the body aren’t quite the same black and this needs correcting. I want to weather it slightly so that it doesn’t look so new. And it will need varnishing. The body is rather dusty. It needs a good clean before I do any more painting. Perhaps my garage isn’t the best place to store it!

I’ve ordered some makers plates and nameplates which I will fit when they arrive. When I’ve fitted these I’ll know it’s finished. Maybe.

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