Slow Loco, Fast Brake Van

Progress on the Kerr Stuart has been slower than I expected. Perhaps because I’ve spent quite a lot of time burnishing the surface or perhaps because it’s been the Christmas holiday season.

Burninshing is time consuming but definitely removes the lines created by 3D printing. Here’s how the body looks at the moment. I’ve added some handrails and attached Greenwich couplings.

I think it’s ready for some primer 🙂

Kerr Stuart Latest December 2014
As progress on the loco was slow I needed a ‘quick fix’ – something that will progress more quickly.

I’ve started building a 3D printed Freelance Brake Van from CW Railways. The design and printing is very good and the model has gone together very well.

And, yes, there are handrails on this too!CWRailways Freelance Breakvan

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