Schaefer Loco

On the Narrow Gauge Modellers forum Peter (Glucosamine) made a 3D design of this lovely Schaefer locomotive for O-16.5 (On30) narrow gauge.

I admired the design and Peter very kindly send me his 3D design files so that I could print them. Thank you Peter šŸ™‚

Here’s my print. Yes, my print settings aren’t great and the model is full of ‘supports’, but it has potential.

I was particularly pleased that a cut down N gauge Kato 11-110 chassis fitted perfectly inside the model. I could make an O9 (On18) loco with Peter’s design šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

I compared the loco to some of my existing O9 locos….

It is a taller than my existing locos. This isn’t a surprise because Peter designed it for the larger O-16.5 loading gauge and in the original loco the driver stood up.

I comparing the loco body to some figures. It could be possible to reduce the height slightly and still allow the driver to stand up.

I asked Peter if he’d let me modify the design and send the files to someone to get a better quality print and he agreed. Thanks again Peter !

When the prints arrived the chassis looked good. There are lots of marks from the supports but I can easily remove these.

The interior details and headlights look great too.

I tried two ways of modifying the body. First, I cut 6mm from the ‘middle’ of the body.

Secondly, I scaled the Z dimension down by 6mm.

I think I prefer the second version where the Z dimension was reduced. To me the size of the windows and the proportions of the model look better.

This is the one I’ll build !

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