Narrow Gauge South 2022

Yesterday I went to Narrow Gauge South which is (I’m told) the largest and longest running specialist narrow gauge exhibition in the UK.

It is a great exhibition: very large, with a wide variety of layouts, and a good selection of traders and preservation society stands. Many thanks to the organisers the Wessex Narrow Gauge Modellers.

There were many great layouts, but my eye was drawn to larger scales. Here are some snaps. (Click on the images for a larger version).

Berger Hall 2022, Bill Corser, Gn15

Slindon Vale, James Edwards, O-16.5

Tony’s Forest, Robin Edwards, 0-14: Clever design where the line is viewed though the trees.

Worton Court Estate, John Langridge / Geoff Thorne, O-16.5

Pyn Valley Railway, Chris Payne, O-9

Gideon Postlethwaite, Steve Green, O-9

Severalls Road, Stuart Reeve, 009: A fen land railway with fully automated operation by BBC Microbit computer.

Snowdon NWNGR, Peter Booth, 1/38th, 8mm scale, 16mm gauge

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