Goose Headlights

I have added some lights to the Unit Models O9 Diesel Loco.

These are Grandt Line lights, originally intended for a Rio Grande Southern Railroad ‘goose’.

With a little modification they were easy to fit.

I rather like the front light, I think it looks right on this little loco.

I’m not sure about the rear one though. I’m not sure if it suits the loco. Plus it is rather fragile.

I guess, if it breaks off, that solves both problems 🙂

For now it can stay. It’s glued in place with araldite!

One comment

  1. I agree, the front light looks just right but I think the back one protrudes too far. I know it’s securely fixed, but I’d be inclined to ease it off and file the back down before re-attaching it. Just my two-pennworth.


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