Nene Valley Railway


Yesterday I took a trip on the Nene Valley Railway.

Yes, this blog is supposed to be about narrow gauge railways but what’s wrong with a trip on a ‘broader gauge’ line from time to time 🙂

The station building at Wansford is beautiful.


There’s a fine signal box.


There’s even an enormous model railway in a converted carriage. (I regret not asking if I could operate it!).


The rostered loco was Class 45 Peak No 45041, built Crewe 1962 and carrying the name ‘Royal Tank Regiment’.


The NVR have an attractive set of ‘blood and custard’ coaches.


I was allocated a seat in more traditional red liveried Mk 1.


It had a very attractive, retro interior. A splash of varnish on the new wood and it will be absolutely lovely inside.


The engine made a sweet purring sound as we pulled away.

The line travels through attractive countryside and the dog roses, elder, and yellow irises were in flower.



The stations are very varied, ranging from the picturesque Overton station, with it’s charming platform cafe…..


…to the slightly surreal Orton Mere, part of which is under a road bridge.


Peterborough (Nene Valley) station has retained its old world feel.


The NVR has a wide range of locos and rolling stock and I was struck by how much continental stock they have. My favourite was probably this Swedish Y7 Railcar No 1212. I love the 1950s styling… and the daring livery!


The NVR staff are friendly, welcoming and very helpful. My train was far from full, so if you fancy an interesting outing, why not try the NVR.

If I ever model standard gauge I think I would have to model a heritage railway like the NVR. You could run whatever you wanted 🙂

I’ll leave you with a random selection of photos….

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