Next O9 Loco Build

The next loco for the Granta Valley Railway will be this rather nice Avalon Lines 3D printed body.

It’s designed to fit an older Dapol N gauge Prairie chassis. I asked Kevin Dickerson at Coastal DCC to fit a decoder and a stay alive to it. He’s done a top job and the chassis runs sweetly.

I’m looking forward to building this…


  1. This loco looks very attractive, I didn’t know Avalon Lines did 3D printed loco bodies. I’m hoping to start my own O9 project one day. I hope to make it very heywood and it will have a few stations and industries too, if I get to build it of course.


    • Hi Jason, Yes she’s a good looker 🙂 Avalon lines made this 3D printed body but I’m not sure if you can still buy them. I know Howard has been ill and hasn’t been able to do everything he used to do. The Heywood stock is lovely, I wish you the very best of luck with that. Start with something small to give yourself and easy start and you might be surprised where it leads 🙂 All the best Steve


  2. Love the loco Steve the detail on the rivets is nice, looks like a powerful loco when on the chassis have to look up Avalon lines not noticed them B4, learn something every day. On another subject have you noticed the prices of N gauge chassis have gone up, Had a real job obtaining 4-4-0 chassis for a small tender O9 loco the people selling them advertise them for narrow gauge now pushing up the price. That’s where the exhibitions came in handy you could pick up an N gauge loco for a song sometimes especially European mainland ones. All the best Roger


    • Hi Roger, Well I know I’ve bid on a couple of locos on ebay recently, and been outbid everytime 🙂 Things do seem to be going for higher prices that I’d expect. Ah, exhibitions…. how I miss exhibitions…. I can’t wait to get my hands into a ‘rummage bin’ !


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