Roofing Felt Test Piece

I’d like the roof of the cafe to be covered in roofing felt. I’ve seen people use sand paper or textured masking tape to model this but I’ve never done this myself.

Time for a test piece….

I glued some pieces of 240 grit wet and dry paper and masking tape to a piece of scrap piece of ply wood, then tried different painting techniques and colours. The results weren’t that impressive.

  • The masking tape has wrinkled and I don’t like that. I must be buying very cheap masking tape πŸ™‚
  • Painting solid colour onto the wet and dry paper gives a very even finish and this looks too uniform.
  • Dry brushing hasn’t worked well, it hasn’t changed the colour sufficiently, and dry brushing wet and dry paper ruins the brush !

You always learn something from a test piece. Here I learnt what not to do πŸ™‚

A change of approach as needed. Cue test piece number 2. I tried washes of colour and this worked much better.

It gives a more realistic look and I can build up the colour by doing two or three washes.

This is the way to go…


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