Bachmann Tanker Conversion

To give myself a break from detailing Thomas and Sons I decided to revisit a stalled project.

Back in November last year I thought about converting a Bachmann 00 scale tanker into an 09 wagon.

Removing the 00 gauge chassis was easily done, there were just two screws to take out. This gave me the basic tank in the photo at the top of this blog.

I placed it on a pair of Dapol N gauge coach bogies to see how it would look as a narrow gauge tanker in O scale. It looked promising 🙂

I removed two pieces of plastic from each end of the tanker to prevent them from fouling the mountings and the movement of the new bogies. They are circled in green in the photo below and they have been removed from the left hand side of the wagon already.

Then it was a simple job to mount each bogie on a piece of plasticard, 12mm x 5mm x 1mm thick (approximately 0.5 x 0.2 x 40 thou in inches). The plastic strips were glued to each end of the wagon.

Also, I glued a piece of 1mm thick plastic to the centre of the wagon to hold the wires in place – they had an annoying habit of popping out of position and ‘flying’ across the room!

Next job: create a ‘false’ chassis…

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