Oxy-acetylene, Mustard and Bicycles

Work to add detail to the yard of the engineering works is continuing and I’ve created an oxy-acetylene welding trolley and an bicycle. Both of these are S&D Models kits.

The welding trolley was a lot of fun to assemble. There were several small pieces and the only way to do it was to join a couple of pieces, wait for the glue to dry and repeat the process with the next piece. Seeing the model come together in small steps over a few days was very satisfying.

There’s an old saying that mustard manufacturers didn’t make their profits from the mustard you eat, their profits came from the mustard left on your plate at the end of the meal. Mixing small amounts of epoxy glue always reminds me of this joke. When gluing small objects together, I find it impossible to dispense tiny amounts of Araldite from the tubes. I always take more than I need and throw the majority of the glue away. I’m sure Araldite make their profits from the glue I throw away πŸ™‚

Building and painting the bike gave me a lot of pleasure. Once I owned a 1930’s Hopper: black frame, 28 inch wheels, rod brakes, Sturmey Archer 3 speed at the back. It had a long wheel-base, a soft frame and a lovely sprung leather saddle. It was like riding along in a soft, comfy armchair. Making this model brought back a lot of memories. I gave the Hopper away when I moved abroad. What a pity. To console me, I have a 1:43 scale version instead πŸ™‚


  1. Nice work!

    The oxy-acetylene trolley is very well finished, and I love the bike with its saddle bag! I like your treatment of the forks and seatstays, its not easy to disguise the fact that there’s metal where there should be air but I think you’ve done a good job.

    I hadn’t heard of Hopper until now, those look like some lovely bikes. The truss frames are interesting, and are another reminder that I have a Stooge Speedball rigid steel mountain bike frame sat in the bedroom, I bought the frame but can’t afford to build it up at the moment.

    Yes, epoxying is a wasteful way of joining two parts together, I try (and usually fail) to have two whitemetal kits on the go at the same time just so I’m not wasting so much glue.

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    • Hi Paul
      Thanks for the positive feedback. The oxy-acetylene kit comes with really good instructions, including how to make the ‘tubing’ from wire and how to paint the cylinders/trolley etc. Everything was well explained so it was a pretty easy build, just some small pieces for my big thumbs to fiddle with…
      To avoid the waste glue, I guess I could try soldering white metal parts together.. but I know my limitation πŸ˜‰
      I’m pleased you noticed I’d tried to paint the bicycle so that the solid metal parts looked more like real forks and rear stays! Painting them solid black didn’t look quite right so I tried to use a light grey to break up the solid parts. I’m pleased you like it. Yeah to truss frame Hoppers are lovely…but a Stooge Speedball…. now I’m jealous, they are very elegant frames, I love the curved tube leading to the seat tube. That will be a great build when you get round to it.
      All the best

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