The Model Shops of Paris

My work took me to Paris this week and I managed to find a little time for tourism.

A visit to the Louvre. No.

Go up the Eiffel Tower. No.

Visit some model shops. Oh, yes.

In the Rue d’ Amsterdam there is Au Pullman a very well stock shop, full of excellent locos, kits and a layout in the window.

Nearby, in the Rue de Douai there are four shops within about 100 metres of one another.

Paris Modelisme, a shop with lots of detailed locos, with DCC sound, running on their test track as several enchanted potential customers looked on.

Decotrain, Trans-Europ and Transmondia sell new and second hand stock.

Interesting continental tinplate stock in the window of Decotrain.

Plus delightful O scale locos in Trans-Europ.

Oh, and a Santa on a handcar 🙂

After a couple of hours being enticed by the products of exotic sounding manufacturers such as Electrotren, Modelbex, Protomodels, Hamo, and Piko I finally gave into temptation in Transmondia.

I brought two Jouef coaches. How French is that?


  1. You obviously had a great time! Am I wrong in thinking that model shops and maybe all other shops in mainland Europe are less affected by the internet? It just seems strange to see so many model shops so close to each other when in the UK most towns have lost their model and many other specialist shop.
    Nice choice of rolling stock to bring home.


    • Hi Woody, Good question! I don’t know if mainland Europe model shops are less affected by the internet than those in UK. There was a closed model railway shop in the Rue de Douai right next to ones I photographed. The shop front still had the name and manufacturer logos, but the interior was empty and dusty. Sad to see. Perhaps the model railway retailers in France are under pressure too, but perhaps the pressure is less. Wandering round Paris it was clear that they have retained a lot of the smaller retailers and family shops that we have lost in UK, For example I saw family shops selling clothes, hats, shoes, art goods as well as cafes etc Maybe the French are still prepared to shop locally and patronise their local stores.
      If anyone has any thoughts on why model shops may have survived in Europe and not in the UK I’d be interested to hear your ideas.


    • 🙂 Yes indeed. I had a couple of hours free and I though ‘What would I enjoy the most. Packed tourist venues or model shops?’ The answer was easy!


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