Postcard Central

Regular readers (both of you šŸ™‚ ) will know I like buying old postcards of railways. When they arrive I put them in an envelope in a drawer.

It seemed a pity to buy them and then hide them away.

I brought five inexpensive photo frames from Hobbycraft and in a spate of DIY fixed them to the wall. Now I can display some cards and swop and change them as my tastes change.

The initial display features:

Dr Syn on the RHDR. The photographer has used a great viewpoint and it shows what a good looking loco this is.

Woolwich on the Bicton Woodland Railway, letting off lots of steam for the photographer. I do love the little guards van šŸ™‚

Hurricane on the RH&DR. Perhaps it’s a phase, but I’m drawn to blue locos: Whillan Beck in Caledonian Railway Blue and Hurricane in the lighter LNER Garter Blue.

Digno out on the shingle in Fairbourne. Luckily the sun is shining on the passengers in the open coaches.

River Esk at Irton Road on the R&ER. I like the strangely muted colours on this card. The lack of vibrant colours and high definition photography make it all the more appealing.

Definitely a miniature railway theme here….

I really need to get back to building stock for the GVR

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