Funicular de Artxanda, Bilbao

On a family visit to Bilbao we took the Artxanda Funicular from the centre of Bilbao to the summit of the nearby Artxanda Mountain.

This is the interior of the city terminus and I’ve been photobombed by my daughter.

The funicular ascends inside a short tunnel…

… and breaks out into the daylight.

The line climbs at gradients up to 45%.

This is the approach to the the summit at Artxanda Mountain.

At the top of the line there is a park, restaurants, and super panoramic views over the city. Some of the old winding gear is on display.

And I’ve been photobombed again.

The funicular was opened in 1915 and there are some old photos of the line and a very nice model of one of the original cars.

This is our return journey.

Through the single passing loop.

We travelled the 770 metre (approx. ½ mile) length of the line in about 3 minutes and we were soon back in the tunnel.

And the terminus station.

As the passengers alighted I managed to take a photo of the drivers control panel.

Modern, efficient and rather fun. If you happen to be in Bilbao drop by the Artxanda Funicular.

One comment

  1. The loop points look interesting. They don’t appear to be set either way, the blades look odd, and there’s a gap for the cable. I’d assume that closed up, but the cable for the up car cuts through the down route rail. Wonder how it all works?


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