This Could Be A Distraction

The latest addition to the tool kit is this 3D printer. Priced at just over £200 it was difficult to resist. It will be used by my daughter who’s interested in design and, of course, by me.

As a quick test of the printer we printed this diesel loco designed by Tom Bell from files that are available free on Thingiverse.

OK, the quality is definitely not as good as the prints I’ve received from Shapeways! Nevertheless I’m encouraged. The printer works, I’ve learnt how to ‘slice’ 3D files to make gcode to drive the printer, and I’m sure the printing can be optimised to improve the quality.

Don’t worry. This blog will not become a blog about 3D printing. For me it’s just another tool. Plus, I enjoy making things with my hands too much to get obsessed with computer aided design.

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