Painting Grey Skies for Backscenes

Thomas and Sons is an industrial layout so gloomy grey skies seem appropriate for the backscene.

As an experiment I used a washing up sponge to dab grey acrylic paint over the white undercoat. I don’t think I can use the sponge for the washing up now 🙂

The idea was to create a cloud like effect where some of the white undercoat was visible. Unfortunately, I applied the paint too evenly, and the colour is a little too uniform.

After a cup of coffee, I mixed some white paint into the grey to create a range of grey tones and applied the paint with a brush and the sponge.

This is the result.

There’s definitely more variation and it’s looking better.

Yet, I’m not sure it’s quite right.

I’ll leave it for a few days and see what I think when the paint is dry and the buildings are in place…..




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