Smoothing Backscene Corners with Wood Beading

To round off the corners of the backscene I’ve added some wood beading to each corner. The beading has chamfered edges which raises the profile, and I’d prefer something with a less prominant edge. The solution was to file the edges to make them flatter. In the photo the original chamfered profile is on the left, the filed side on the right. It doesn’t look much different, but it does make a difference . (At least that’s what I tell myself !)

The modified beading was glued in place with ‘Rocket Glue’. I had no idea how I could clamp the beading in place while a slow setting glue dried. Rocket glues sets quickly and the beading was held in place for about 60 seconds until the glue dried.

This should have been done before the backscenes were painted. Never mind I have a very old pot of primer and luckily there was just enough left for this job.

The beading doesn’t completely hide the corner, but it does soften it. A larger radius curve would do a better job. However, this is a micro layout and I don’t have space for anthing bigger.

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