Covered Wagons – #1 The Wagons

Some time ago I brought two Avalon Line O9 scale open wagon kits. As you can see they are very simple to build, you glue the open wagon to the chassis and you’ve finished 🙂

I added a little bit of detail to each wagon: some rivet heads on the chassis, and a single rivet between the iron work and the lower plank. Here they are after a touch of primer.

Next the wagons were painted. To introduce a little variety I gave one a dusty grey weathering and the other a dirty brown weathering.

You’ll see I haven’t painted the inside of the wagons, nor have I finished painting the upper parts of the sides and ends of the wagons.


Perhaps, but hopefully the upper part of each model wont be visible. I want to make tarpaulins to cover the wagons….


  1. Hello Steve, I am soon going to have a go at 09 modelling. Do you know if Avalon Line models are still available? The only reference on the internet is for Pepper7/Black Dog, but he has let me down in the past.
    I have bought some Unit Models wagons and a 3D steam locomotive print.
    I liked your S&D/Phoenix driver, he’s great, even if a little shiny.


    • Hi Graham,
      Good to hear from you, and good luck with O9 – the more O9 modellers the merrier!
      Unit Models do nice stuff. I made one of their box van kits
      I have the contact details of Howard Martin of Avalon and I’ll email them to you privately, rather than putting Howards details on the open web. He may not thank me for that…
      I’m pleased to say the shiny driver was easily remedied with a spray of matt varnish 🙂
      Hope to bump into you at an exhibition soon


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