Getting Ahead of My Self

The little Ruston loco isn’t finished, but the driver is.

This is a S&D Models figure appropriately called ‘Industrial Loco Driver’ (number OF2A, in case you are a ‘figure spotter’). Originally his left arm was outstretched and his legs were further apart. He wouldn’t have fitted into the small cab of the Ruston so I repositioned his arm and legs. I wasn’t strong enough to do it with my fingers and I had to use a pair of pliers to squeeze his limbs towards his body. Thankfully the S&D Models figures are well made and it survived this tough treatment.

The figure was painted using various Citadel colours and varnished with a new varnish I’m trying. It’s supposed to be Matt but it’s a little more shiny than I’d like.

Now the driver’s ready I’d better finish the loco.


  1. I’ve got his brother driving an O14 Lister.

    Try giving him a dusting of talcum powder, or failing that, look out for some Testors Dullcote.


    • Perhaps we can call them Bill and Ben? 🙂
      Regarding matt varnish, can I ask your advice. I’ve used Testors Dullcote on most of my models, I love the very flat, matt, finish it gives. But I’m looking for a Matt paint on varnish that will give a similar dull finish. Do you know of anything? I ask because I must spray Dullcote outside and that requires a warmish day, with no rain, low humidity, and no wind which is difficult to get in England? I’d like to find a very matt varnish that I can apply indoors…..


      • I’ve never used brush painted varnish so can’t help. I’m not sure a painted matt varnish wouldn’t show brush marks but it may be possible. I spray aerosols in the garage into a cardboard box on it’s side, so long as it’s not too cold I’ve never had problems.


      • Thanks Michael for the helpful reply Michael. I will let you know if I have any succès finding and using brush on varnish. In the meantime I will stick to the Dullcote.


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