N&SNGM Running Day

On Saturday the Norfolk and Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers held a ‘running day’, basically, they bring their layouts and run them. Good idea huh?

Held in the Barsham Village Hall, a converted Victorian school, it was open to the public to raise funds for new indoor toilets for the hall. There were 75 visitors and the event raised over £300. It provided a great venue and the N&SNGM organised nine layouts, a modelling demonstration, a sales stand from Great Eastern Models and excellent refreshments.

The layouts included Shipmeadow by Richard Doe. The real Shipmeadow workhouse sits on a hill only a few miles from the Barsham Village Hall and I drove past it on my way to the running day. It looks just like Richard’s model (or should that be the other way around?). Shipmeadow was being operated by Richard’s 5½ year old nephew who introduced some of his model vehicles onto the layout. And why not.

Priory Waterworks 009 by Chris Seago.

Chapel Mills 009 also by Chris Seago, featuring a working windmill, illuminated boiler and a working grain lift.

Old Chapel Yard 009 by Jim Bamber.

Hawkins Tower 009 Philip Moore.

Longstone Maintenance Shed Gn15 Graham Watling.

I had a really enjoyable day with ‘First’, operating the layout and talking to the visitors and exhibitors. If you stopped for a chat, it was a pleasure to meet you.




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