Layout Installed in it’s New Home

I’ve built the legs for the second baseboard and installed the layout in place.

I’ve left some space for a fiddle yard at the right hand side of the layout.

I’m very pleased with the result. It looks like a layout  –  or at least the start of one 🙂


  1. Just read you are restarting this layout which sounds great. No need to start another when you have this. Looking forward to see it grow. Remember, it does not need to get finished, unless you enjoy doing so. In this case it is the journey which counts.



    • Hi Henrik
      Good to hear from you. I think you’ve made a very good point. This layout will involve a lot more scratchbuilding than my others and I must admit I find that rather daunting. I guess that because I’m thinking of the end result instead of enjoying the steps along the way. This layout will be a journey and I should enjoy it!
      I love some of the 3D printed models you’ve been making by the way. The Sirdar loco is lovely!
      All the best


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