Is This A Baseboard I See Before Me ?

I am quite excited by the idea of the Granta Valley Railway. So much so that I decided to build the first baseboard.

I sketched out a simple design and went to my local builders merchant for the wood. The tops and sides are made of 9mm plywood. The builders merchant cut these to size using their large electric ‘sheet saw’. The cuts cost me nothing and saved me a lot of time. The frame is simple pine wood measuring 44mm x 19mm in section.

The first step was to attach the pine frame to the plywood edging. I pre-drilled holes in the baseboard so that I’d be able to attach the sides and ends to it.

The sides and ends were positioned and attached to the baseboard.

Here’s the finished baseboard, glued and screwed together. I know I’ll never be a cabinet maker, but I’m quite pleased with it.


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