Granta Valley Railway, A Quick Sketch

To provide a home for the 09 stock I have been building I’ve decided to create The Granta Valley Railway a freelance, tourist line built on an old standard gauge track bed.

Obviously, the line will need a terminus.

The terminus for a modern tourist line doesn’t need extensive facilities. Let’s keep it simple: A run around loop, perhaps a small maintenance shed and a siding to store a wagon or two.

Then, we need to think of the passengers. Well, the railway isn’t a fancy affair: a platform, a ticket office and somewhere to buy a cup of tea. This will be all the line can afford.

After much sketching, designing track plans in SCARM and lots of scratching my head, I have settled for the design you see above.

It will allow me to create a 09 terminus for a ‘present day’ tourist line on a board 122cm long x 46cm wide (approx. 48 x 18 inches). It’s compact, so it won’t take up too much room at home and it could be transported to exhibitions (if other people like it!). Plus, it could be expanded by adding other boards if I decide I really like modelling in 09.

I rather like the sketch. So far so good…


  1. Looks like the potential for a nice little layout. The plan is similar to many miniature railway termini. To exit the scene you could use a false tunnel, with doors, used to secure the coaches in at night.

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    • Hi Michael Thanks for your message. I’m pleased you think it resembles a miniature railway terminus – that’s good news. I was thinking of having a second board to let the trains run through the countryside before getting to the fiddle yard, but I really like your idea of a tunnel. I hadn’t thought of that. It could even be an old standard gauge tunnel. When I visited Steeple Grange last year they used the old std gauge tunnels to store stock on a separate track parallel to the running track. Definitely food for thought – thanks for the suggestion.

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