What’s Next ?

Whats the Next Train

Now I’ve decided that ‘First’ is finished, the question is: what’s next?

What features would I like in my next layout. Let’s make a list…

After Narrow Gauge South I realised I like layouts that have:

  • A plausible premise (actual or fictional)
  • Realistic scenery
  • High level of detail

So these criteria are on the list.

What else? The tight curves in ‘First’ mean it is suited to small locos and four wheeled wagons and it is really a ‘one loco in steam’ layout. Let’s add:

  • Run larger locos and bogie coaches
  • Run longer trains
  • Easy to run multiple locos

There are various ‘aspirational’ criteria

  • Modular – can be built in manageable installments and can grow into a bigger layout
  • Could become a home layout
  • Could go to the occasional members day or exhibition

Wait, after the aspirations, let’s come back to earth. There are some practical considerations

  • Easy to store – there’s probably not enough space at home to set it up permanently
  • Planned then built – not built without a plan (like ‘First’  🙂 )
  • Good fiddle space with easy access – no reverse curves to access the fiddle (like ‘First’  🙂 )
  • Relatively quick to build each module
  • Will maintain my interest

That’s a good list of what I want from the layout.

What will I model? That’s the next blog…

Image by Pi.1415926535 used under a Creative Commons License





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