Freelance Tank Loco – Jupiter

Jupiter - Freelance Tank Loco 2

In April last year, I started to build a Chris Ward Railways 3D printed tank loco designed for the Fleischmann Piccolo 7000 N Gauge chassis. I put her to one side to concentrate on building my layout. Now, ten months later, she’s finally finished.

When we last saw her the body was on the chassis but that was about it. Recently, I’ve painted her in Citadel Abaddon, with Citadel Mephiston Red for the buffer beams. I weathered her by dry brushing, first with Citadel Ulthuan Grey, then with Citadel XV88 mixed with a small amount of Citadel Doombull Brown. I reached into my ‘small parts box’ and added a loco jack (RT Models), a bucket and oil can (Springside Models), a toolbox, handrail knobs and handrails (Markits), and some nameplates and makers plates from Narrow Planet. There’s even a Slater’s driver whose blue overalls have been repainted a more discrete brown. I did keep his red hankie though!

Jupiter - Freelance Tank Loco


  1. Another nice little loco, I have made contact with Chris Ward re spectacle plates and David G is collecting some for me at the Beccles bash


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