Here Come The Hedges

First Layout with Hedges

No, ‘The Hedges’ are not the latest boy band. I’ve been adding hedges to cover the joins between the back scenes and the hills.

The hedging is mainly Olive Green Fine Leaf Foliage from Woodland Scenics. It’s easy to glue in place, although I did use a few pins here and there to help hold it in position while the glue set. I took my time and worked around the layout section by section. Giving the glue adequate time to dry, it’s taken three weeks to complete this (apparently) quick job.

I started working with the back scenes in position but got glue on them. I decided to fix the hedges without the back scenes in place and it was a lot easier. It didn’t take too long to sand down the back scenes and repaint them. I wont make that mistake again!

I’m pleased that I’ve finished the bulk of the landscaping work before Christmas. I can add a lot more details. It will be fun to do this in small sections, at a leisurely pace. I guess detailing is something that can go on forever….

Eagle eyed readers will notice the station building has finally been added to the platform. Made in June, painted in October, fixed in place in December. That’s leisurely.

Overall, I’m pretty chuffed with the results. It looks like a layout now.

Overall View of First Layout

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