The Painting Spree Continues

Station BuildingThe painting production line has been in full swing. The latest item I’ve finished is the station building. It looked fantastic in pristine green and cream. But it was far too clean.

I weathered it by dry brushing with light grey, muddy brown and a hint of dark green. Acrylics are great for this. I brought in a large Citadel Drybrush too. I’m pleased that I did, it is excellent for weathering. There’s a nice video describing the technique here.

I have glued four pins to the inside of the model, one at each corner. These will help me attach the building to the platform. I will position the model, mark the location, add a small drop of glue to each pin, then gently push the building into place. The pins will pass through the card platform surface into the balsa wood layer below. I used a similar technique to fit the Bachmann buildings to the polystyrene hills on the layout and it worked well.

I finished making this kit in June and it sat around for three months before I started to paint it. Hey, it’s a hobby – I like to take my time!

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