Scrap and Salvage

Scrap and Salvage sound like a comedy duo, or perhaps a wrestling tag team 🙂

In fact I’ve been breaking up my layout Thomas and Sons and saving the parts that I could reuse.

I’ve reclaimed figures, doors, gutters, downpipes and electrics. Even the yard office has been removed.

The remainder has been discarded.

In the past I’ve been rather surprised when I’ve heard of modellers selling or breaking up layouts that they have spent hours making.

Now I get it. I’ve got a huge amount of pleasure from building Thomas and Sons and a lot of enjoyment operating it. I feel I’ve done everything I want to do with it and it’s time to move on.

Saving the things I’ve made has been has been strangely entertaining. It makes me wonder when and where I might reuse each item.

Plus I’ve liberated some space, both physical and mental, and I feel ready to do new things.


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