Double, Paint, Finish

When I built the modified 422 Model Making coach I really liked it.

It seemed a pity to build just one.

I ordered a second kit and it’s been ‘playing catch up’ with the first one.

As you can see, it’s caught up 🙂

I tried a new approach for the painting.

The coaches were primed with Citadel Corax White, given a coat of artists acrylic Burnt Umber paint. When this was dry I gave them a coat of artists Burnt Sienna. The artists acrylics worked well and I’d definitely use them again. It’s a little thinner than ‘modellers’ acrylics and the first coat of Burnt Umber was a little uneven. This has created a weathered, aged effect on the coaches. I must admit I hadn’t intended to do this, but I rather like the result.

The coaches were given a light brushing with rust and dirty brown weathering powders, then varnished with Citadel Munitorum. Citadel describe it as ‘semi-matte/satin finish’. I used it on the passengers too. I wondered if it would be too shiny, but I don’t think it is.

In the past when I’ve made coaches I’ve glued the floor and the walls together, installed the glazing and passengers, then fixed the roof onto the coach. Here the roofs of the coaches are glued in place so the glazing and the passengers were installed via the floor opening. This is the first time I’ve built a coach in this way and it worked well. I’d use this approach again. The push fit floor allows me to access the interior of the coach whenever I want.

With the floor, bogies and couplings in place, the final touch was to install the brass door handles. The shiny new brass looked out of place on these coaches so I give the handles a light brushing of Burnt Umber to weather them.

Job done, and I like these coaches 🙂

You can read all the steps of the kit modification and construction here.


  1. Dear Steve
    Looks fantastic the weathered brown planking is the final touch for a miniature railway, I was wondering how workman coaches would have looked, pretty rough. So your finish for miniature railway is just right, You talk about artists paints, I use these quite a lot as places like Works etc. have sets of colours in sales and other times a lot cheaper than railway or art shops (water colour, oil, and acrylic) you can also get large tubes of colours like burnt umber, they also spread better because of their constancy. I have now bought two more coaches from this seller the guard coach with viewing duckets and a plain coach to match.

    All the best Roger Sisley

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Roger
      Good to hear from you! Yes, the paints I used were from a cheap set that belong to my daughter – I did ask 🙂 I was impressed and I’ll use them again. I hadn’t thought about the consistency but you are right it does help the paint spread better. I’m pleased you’ve brought two coaches – I really like the guards coach with the duckets. I’d be interested to see how they turn out when you’ve made them.
      All the best

      Liked by 1 person

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