Lining and Nameplates

I’ve added some lining and nameplates to the little O9 miniature railway loco I’m building.

I’m a lining novice so I wasn’t sure how to do it. In the end I used PowerPoint to create some rectangles the size of the body panels and got them printed by Precision Decals. Then I applied them to the body of the loco.

I used a single decal that covered each body panel. Subsequently, I’ve realised that more experienced modellers apply each line and corner as small, individual decals to reduce the chance of ‘silvering’ from tiny air bubbles trapped underneath the decal. I’ve got some silvering, so I’ll change my method next time. We live and learn.

The nameplates are from Narrow Planet. Originally I painted them red, the same colour as the loco, but I repainted them black because I thought the greater contrast looked better.

Next steps… windows and coal…


  1. Looks a little cracker. That’s a lovely shade of red too, I always find red (along with yellow and white) hard to get good coverage from.

    Excellent job.


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