Yard Office (Part 3)

The Yard Office for Thomas and Sons has a roof.

To create the roof, a piece of thin card was cut to the same size as the office walls.

LCut supply strips of laser cut card to represent the tiles. These were stuck onto the card base.

The Lcut tiles are all perfect. I tried to introduce some variation, for example damaged tiles and tiles that have slipped.

The ridge tiles were glued in place.

…and the roof supports, supplied by LCut, were stuck underneath.

The roof was painted with two coats of Humbrol 79, Blue Grey, and dry brushed with Humbrol 32, Dark Grey.

The roof has warped slightly and this is obvious when it is positioned on the Yard Office (see the photo at the top of the blog). I’m not sure why it happened, perhaps too much glue or too much paint. However, I think I can solve the problem by gluing the roof to the top of the walls.

It’s the first roof I’ve ever built and it’s not bad for a first attempt. Just as well, I’ve a lot more roofs to make!



  1. It’s a very good roof Steve. You’ve made a great job. It’s probably warped because there’s only paint and glue on one side. You might get it to straighten out a bit if you paint the underside.


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